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MailWasher Pro manage securely your mailbox

The program MailWasher Pro allows users to manage their secure way e-mail, opening spam, viruses and spam. MailWasher Pro provides a preliminary examination of the messages on the mail server and allows users to delete unwanted and dangerous of them before they reach their computer.

The program works directly with the mail server, as well as client email application. But there is one significant difference – users can specify a MailWasher Pro to delete messages from the server before they are loaded on the PC, or take them back to the sender as if the address is not valid. The script work is to pre-checking account with MailWasher Pro, delete or return the unwanted messages and only then charging the usual email program to other emails. MailWasher Pro can be viewed as a first line of defense against spam, viruses and other unwanted email messages.

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WPA2 is the best decision for Wi-Fi security

The Wi-Fi Alliance launched a campaign to convince users to configure routers and other wireless devices to use the technology security WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2).

In recent years the security of Wi-Fi evolved. WPA2 standard has existed for several years and is the best solution currently, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance. The WPA2 provides enterprise-class security. The technology is available in all products labeled “WiFi Certified”. The WPA2 replaces the original WPA standard, and providing greater security, incl. and other protocols such as WEP (Wired Equivalent Protocol), which is an option for most routers.

The WEP was introduced in 1997 but largely supplanted by e protocols WPA and WPA2. The security in the wireless networks is very hard question and using of WPA2 is quite important, because the unsecure networks are opening a lot of backdoors to your computer and you. Connecting to unsecures networks allow to hackers to access your network and try to exploit the system you are working in, stealing information and files. This can cause problems to you and also can cost a lot of money for you.