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Understanding Cloud Storage

Having large mobile smartphone storage is an advantage. But your mobile smartphone running too slow because of so many files stored in it or losing your files because you do not know how to find it among hundreds of folders you have is a hassle. Having an external hard drive or a small USB storage handy is a very good solution to back up your files. But when you lose it, you also lose everything. Using your email as an alternative online storage is helpful but when it becomes full, you may not receive your messages and it is going to be a bigger problem.Because of the many different problems we may encounter in managing our files a lot of popular software developers have come up with a so much better solution—the cloud storage. Cloud storage is a kind of an online storage which allows us to save or store all types of files in just one organizer that we can access anytime and anywhere.

Almost all devices these days already have their own version of reliable cloud storage. Android devices like a Samsung smartphone can have the Dropbox application. The Dropbox is initially a free application on Android devices until you decide to have more storage space. It is a virtual magic box where you can put your music folder, photo folder, documents folder and all other into and access it on any device. If you open your files and decide to make changes to it, it automatically saves the changes so you will be able to see it anywhere you decide to open it. You do not have to email it to your laptop or send it to your tablet PC just to see the changes. Dropbox is a synchronized storage. Apple also have a very competent version of cloud storage—the iCloud. Apple had their iCloud set up easily so that it would also be very easy to use. It comes free on all new Apple devices with free 5GB storage space. You can use it as default storage for your mobile smartphone and it is simply just like switching between your phone’s built in memory to your memory card. Devices that make use of Windows operating system also have cloud storage facility which they call Windows Live SkyDrive. It basically has the same features as those of other versions except that you can directly share it with people from your folder.

Another version of cloud storage is the Google Cloud Storage which automatically replicates everything you save from your handy device to several other data centers where you may need to access them in the future. It can also be shared easily and changes are updated simultaneously. The Google Cloud Storage allows you to use as large space as you need. It can even be terabytes in size.

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How to Connect your Satellite Internet to Five or More Computers

Satellite internet is the best option for people living in rural areas. As opposed to dial up connections, buy high-speed internet from satellite internet companies. Most satellite internet providers allow the customers to use as many computers as they prefer but they would have to get a router on their own and install these routers to distribute the signal to the rest of the computers. Now, if you want to know how to connect your router to your modem, consider the following tips.

First, of all buy a router or a wireless router if you are planning to use wireless connection. Now, get the coaxial cable that runs from your satellite dish and then connect it to your internet receiver box. If it’s already connected, then there is no need for you to do this step.

Next, connect the Ethernet cord in to the receiver box. The Ethernet cord should be connected to the port that says “line out” or “sat out” or the port labeled Ethernet. Now, the other end of the Ethernet cord must be inserted to the port one of your router. Now, depending on the number of computers you want to connect to your modem, you can connect several Ethernet cord on Ethernet ports located at the back of the router. Remember the first Ethernet cable that runs from the satellite receiver to the router’s Ethernet port must be connected to Port 1. The other Ethernet cables runs from Port 2, 3, 4 and 5 connects from the router to your computers. Some routers allow four to five computers connected plus the unlimited wireless connections if you are using wireless router.

Now, turn the receiver box on as well as the router. Turn each of the computers on and then insert the disk usually provided by your satellite internet providerand then follow the step by step installation instructions. Do this to all of the computers that you wish to connect to your satellite internet. For wireless connections, this step may or may not be required. Once you’re done with all these steps, you can now enjoy using your satellite internet. If you are connecting five or more computers, be sure to ask for higher bandwidth. All these computers will be sharing your bandwidth, which may slow down your connection.