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Comodo Internet Security will protect your home network

The free security software Comodo Internet Security includes antivirus, firewall (firewall) and proactive protection module. The program is characterized by small size and friendly interface for home users. Database Firewall includes 10,000 applications, which are classified by level of risk – eg. safe, spyware modules (spyware) and advertising modules (adware) and others.

Comodo Internet Security allows you to create rules banning access to certain Internet applications, monitor real-time traffic and others. Available is an automatic update.

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Avira Free Mac Security is a free antivirus application for OS X

If Xprotect technology is not enough to convince you that Apple Mac is protected from hackers, the antivirus company Avira offers its free solution for OS X 10.9, also known as Mavericks. Besides maintaining Mavericks, the new antivirus Avira Free Mac Security can perform a quick scan of vulnerable directories on the computer even if it is installed security software. This ensures that the already infected computer is unable to resist the discovery of malicious software out of the US developer.

Key features that made Avira Free Mac Security so popular among home users are available in version 2.1 including restore with one click and on-access scanning. For users of the Mavericks is also available screen Security Status, where they can manage information security. The new version allows simultaneous update of the product itself and the definitions.

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The INF/Autorun viruses are among the most dangerous

The viruses of the family INF / Autorun ranking Top 10 threats in May, made by ESET, with 6.58 percent of all infections. This name describes the various viruses that use the file autorun.inf as a way to compromise computer security. The file contains information about the programs that start automatically when using removable media (usually USB flash drives) on your computer – something that is very popular nowadays. And that hackers use to infect removable media devices with different media types of viruses.

Second is Win32/Conficker with 3.61% of infections. This is a network worm that exploits a vulnerability in the Windows operating system for remote access, even without administrative rights are needed to control machinery. Depending on your options, Win32/Conficker can be spread through various shared folders or even with portable media devices. Worm loads so. DLL file or library through the process svchost. It connects to the remote server and downloads additional malware. Given the punctures, which uses virus, ESET recommends that users frequently updated operating system, turn off Autorun and do not use unprotected folders on the corporate network.